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Benefit from amazing product features

Aiming at creating a sustainable economy by adapting social and environmental processes covering each and every citizen’s daily life

Digital Invoicing

Sustainable and cost efficient invoicing aiming at creating a responsible financial world

Promotional Space

Giving your brands the visibility and advertisement it deserves for wider outreach

Customer Data Collection

Organized and filterable clients list for efficient monitoring


Ability to obtain leading reports in one click


Inventory Data Collection

Automated inventory monitoring through designated dashboard


Points of Sale

Points of Sale System link between store system and Essaly App

Essaly steps for
your customers


Confirm and activate your number


Shop and receive your electronic receipts


Enjoy shopping and protect your bills

Easy pricing plans for your needs

We work with you to build a lasting partnership whose goals are the quality of work and the enhancement of profits.

Basic Package

Basic package allows you to issue digital invoices to your store customers and provide them with loyalty points services.

Phone Essaly Optimized
Essaly Wallet

Advanced Package

Advanced Package offers you the basic package features in addition to the possibility of direct communication with customers through advertising for your brand and your latest offers through the Essaly Application as well as the ability to easily obtain your reports and statistics with one click.


Corporate Package

Corporate Package: offering all the advantages of the basic and advanced packages and more through an efficient partnership between Essaly and your store to work on increasing your profits, the Corporate package is specially designed based your own business structure.

Pro Plan Essaly Optimized