Receipt Management

Introducing Essaly: the ultimate solution for seamlessly transitioning from paper to digital receipts! With Essaly, you can bid farewell to the hassles of storing and managing paper purchase records. Our innovative app revolutionizes the way you handle receipts by effortlessly converting them into electronic format when synced with your point of sale (POS) system.

Gone are the days of endless searching for lost receipts! Essaly streamlines your accounting processes by automatically importing purchase data from your POS and transforming them into accurate electronic receipts. Say hello to efficiency and reliability in managing your financial records! But that's not all - Essaly offers customizable categories for your receipts, from food to clothing to travel and beyond. This means you can easily organize and access your expenses with just a few taps, empowering you to take control of your finances like never before. Experience the convenience and precision of Essaly today!

Essaly Package

Basic Package

Basic package allows you to issue digital invoices to your store customers and provide them with loyalty points services.

  • Electronic receipt
  • Offering loyalty points to customers
  • Only one user
  • Communicate with store customers only

Advanced Package

Advanced Package offers you the basic package features in addition to the possibility of direct communication with customers through advertising for your brand and your latest offers through the Essaly Application and the ability to easily obtain your reports and statistics with one click.

  • Various reports and statistics through the customer control panel
  • More than one user in the same store
  • Communicate with application clients
  • Presenting offers to customers through the application

Premium Package

Corporate Package: offering all the advantages of the basic and advanced packages and more through an efficient partnership between Essaly and your store to work on increasing your profits, the corporate package is specially designed based on your business structure.

  • Loyalty points Offering loyalty points to customers
  • Daily transactions Daily operations at the point of sale
  • Communicate with application clients
  • Statistics reports Various reports and statistics through the customer control panel
  • Partnership A distinguished partnership between the application and the store to work on increasing profits